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Vitriol, Vice & Virtue.

There's a hate that burns within.

The Decomposition of the Violets.
You and I, we may look the same
But we are very far apart
There's bullet holes where my compassion used to be
And there is violence in my heart
Into fire you can send us
From the fire we return
You can label us a consequence of how much you have to learn

You can try but you'll never understand
This is something you will never understand
Can you hear it now ?
Hear it coming now ?
Can you hear it now ?
absinthe, albert camus, angst, ant-zen, antipathie, asia argento, auto-destruction, black dahlia murder, blood, bret easton ellis, charles bukowski, chats, christian bale, christian death, cinéma, cyclothimie, cynisme, damaged, dandysme, dante, david fincher, david lynch, deftones, depeche mode, dissidence, domination, dopamine, drugs, dépravation, ego, electro, electro-indus, endorphine, esthétisme, feverish devilish and irrelevant, fight club, glamorama, gregg araki, hocico, home pornographic machine, indus, industrial metal, interpol, kmfdm, la conjuration des imbéciles, la mer, la révolte des élites, lazio, le sang des autres, littérature, lord of the rings, lost highway, ltno, lucia cifarelli, lycosia, matthew barney, megalomania, moonspell, morthem vlade art, mulholland drive, musique, new world order, nine inch nails, nip/tuck, nothingness, néo-aristocratie, opium, orthographe, patrick bateman, perdition, pills, poppy z brite, prince of cats, punish yourself, rebel extravaganza, red act, resistance, rock'n'roll, rules of attraction, saint seiya, seeing is not believing, self abuse, serotonine, seven, sex addiction, shakespeare, silence, sin, sin city, sisters of mercy, slave to lust, space monkeys, sulpher, survivalism, the broken ones, the new flesh, the perfect drug, the prodigy, the simpsons, trash, trent reznor, trip hop, tybalt capulet, tyler durden, type o negative, vampires, vast, venetian snares, via negativa, vintage erotica, violence, whores, william burroughs, wounds